Get Weaving

A few weeks ago, at a village fair, Little Maya discovered peg weaving and fell in love with it. She wouldn’t leave the stand and pretty much spent the entire afternoon weaving.

Of course, being the lovely mother that I am, I looked up some peg looms online, thinking I’d get her one so she can carry on doing more weaving at home.

As usual, one thing led to another and i discovered a whole new world of weaving out there and I decided not to get a peg loom in the end. There are so many other ways to weave, without actually needing to buy anything at all. So we started exploring.

So far, we have only had time to do stick weaving and really enjoyed it. It may not be done how it should be but we challenged ourselves to try and figure it out without looking it up online, which made it a bit more fun actually.




Here are some weaving techniques that i have come across online and would like to have a go at when we have time.

Paper plate weaving
Hula Hoop WeavingWeaving a rug using a hula hoop

and here is a very simple tutorial on how to make a wall hanging.

If you don’t have a frame, just weave onto cardboard.

Have fun, experiment and get creative.

PS. I am thinking we should cut some strips of scrap fabrics for our next weave, as we are about to run out of yarn …. Watch this space, we will make some more fun weaves to show you soon.

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