What is a brand

In order to  successfully re-brand Jake and Maya Collective, we need to first find out what kind of brand we are and what kind of brand we would like to be/become.

So what exactly is a brand ?

brand (derived from the Old Norse “brandr” meaning “to burn”) is a name, term, design or other feature that distinguishes one seller’s product from those of others.

There are the tangible aspect of a brand, which is the logo, packaging, marketing material etc but there is much more to a brand than that.

Let’s start looking at:

– Brand promise.

A brand promise is not just about the product or service that the brand is selling. It is the feeling that the product/service is promising the user to get when they use it.

So what promise do we want to make to our customers ?

– Brand perceptions. 

A brand is not created solely by the brand itself. It is also created by the consumers and their perceptions. For maximum growth, a brand’s promise and perception needs to be in-line.

How would we like our costumers to perceive our brand ? What can we do to ensure such perceptions ?

Brand expectations

Every time a consumer buys your product, they have a set of expectations based on their perceptions of your brand and your brand promise. These expectations need to me met every single time, otherwise you will risk losing your customer for ever.

What are people expecting from our brand ? How do we make sure that we can deliver what they are expecting ?

Brand Persona

A brand is not so much about a thing, more about a persona, a person. A person with certain characteristics. How is this person ? What does this person look like ? What is it about this person that makes you like him/her/it ? This persona is what makes your costumer connect with the brand.

Who is our brand persona ? How would we like to come across as a person/brand  ?

Brand elements

These are all the more tangible elements that make up a brand. Logo, tagline/catch phrase, colour, shape, smell, taste, movement etc.

What elements do we include in our branding apart from logo and tagline ? Maybe a colour, a shape or maybe even a smell ?

Can you help us identify our brand and let us know how you perceive our brand and what you think about our persona ?

How do we come across as a brand ? On social media ? (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)

Do we come across pretty solid or a bit schizophrenic ?

Any comments highly valued and appreciated.

We will talk about Branding and go through a few strategies in our next Business post. See you then. x

Source: AYTM.com, Wikipedia

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